Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Black Book

It is now 38kg's that I've lost since I started doing Triathlons 5 years ago. The majority of the weight was obvious because I was overweight but then you get to a stage where you don't loose the weight so rapidly anymore and you then tend to starve yourself to loose that extra fat.

After I joined markallenonline last year and also reading his book "Fit Soul Fit Body" I realized that although I was eating healthy my food allocation was still not right.

According to my new eating plan I need to get a split between Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat of 60/20/20. In the beginning of the year I started keeping track of what I eat and records everything in this little black book. Everything gets recorded in the book and I also record my workouts for the day to balance the calories with that, that I've consumed for the day I was amazed that I was getting to little Carbs and Protein and still get way too much Fat in during a day. I was shocked when I saw how easy it was to get it wrong during the day. One thing I changed was eating more fruits as I am not a big fruit lover but starts to enjoy it more and more.

Initially I thought that I will only keep track for a week or two but I am on my second black book and I think that I have a pretty good idea of what to eat everyday to get the balance right.

Since I am eating according to the 60/20/20 principle I do have a lot more energy, don't get sick that often and I have started loosing weight again. I need to drop another 2kg's to reach my ideal racing weight and then I just need to keep it there.

Today was a full day with my last gym session before IMSA and a long brick session. The bike leg was tough today as it started raining after 4 hours and I was riding in the rain for the last 2 odd hours. Don't mind the rain that much as I keep telling myself that this could happen in the race and then you at least know how it feels. What worries me is all those motorist flying past you. Did put my flasher light onto my bike before I went out as I was expecting rain but it's still a scary feeling.

Today's workouts

Gym: 40 min, 286 kcal
Bike: 5h51, 183.1 km, 129 bpm ave, 31.4 km/h, 4565 kcal
Run: 30 min, 6.2 km, 141 bpm ave, 4:50 min/km, 452 kcal

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