Friday, March 27, 2009

DJ not well

With every training session today I was totally focused. I love it when I have these training days.

I am not sure if my bike training was more this year than last year but even if its not the Computrainer has helped a lot by doing the IMSA course. Tonight I've done it again and breaking the lap into three splits helps you focus. Just hope I can focus on race day to bike according to these splits. I was spot on tonight, split 1- 26minutes, split 2- 45 minutes, split 3- 31 minutes. split 1 of lap 2- 26:30 minutes. I was suppose to to two laps to give me my 3.5 hours but I only did 1 lap and a part of the second lap.

The reason being, Dejone is sick and if I have my daughter standing next to the trainer and asked me if I can come and sit with her, there is no option, family always comes first(Luckily she's asleep now). Anyway I believe I can't gain any fitness at this time, I can only loose fitness and then I would have to do nothing for the next week.

My only concern with DJ being sick with the flu is me getting it a week before my "A" race. I will just need to double the dose of all the vitamins I am taking.

It was also a sad day for Dejone as the school closed today and her best friend, Jessikay is immigrating to New Zealand with her family. They only leave on the 20th of April but I think reality struck Dejone today knowing that she won't see her at school again when it reopens. I promised DJ that she and Jessikay can spend as much time as possible together during the school break before they leave.

Today's workouts:

Swim: 41:31 min, 2 km.
Run: 28: min, 5.5 km, 130 bpm ave, 374 kcal.
Bike: 2h22:40, 78.1km, 128 bpm ave, 1858 kcal.

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