Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good luck Guys

Tomorrow is the Cape Argus Cycle race, the biggest cycling race in South Africa. The entries are limited to 35 000 and it's sold out long before the closing date. Many of my friends are cycling tomorrow. While I will be doing the half ironman these guys will be facing a current heat wave in Cape Town and a 45km/h strong South Easter. All I can say is GOOD LUCK my friends.

To Jakkals, Johann de Klerk, Wimpy, Richard, Derek, Warren and to Marco and Ettienne from Cycle Tech( the shop that looks after all my bicycle needs) enjoy the race and may you achieve your goal whatever it may be.

Luckily I did not work today so I had a lazy morning and watched my rugby team (the Sharks) on TV. First time I see them play this season and luckily they won. Juggling my time between work and training for and IM I don't have any time to watch them play. Feels nice for a change to sleep later than normal and not to have anything that you need to do in a rush.

Did my pre race workouts today and I am glad that my knee did not bother me at all. My heart rate was higher than normal when I did my run and cycle workout but I suppose that's because I didn't do any running or cycling for the last 4 days. After my workouts me and DJ went to the shops to buy a battery for my power tap bicycle computer as it showed "low battery" when I did my cycling this morning. Don't want to let it die on me tomorrow in the race. We also got DJ a netball ball for the netball season that is now almost in full swing.

Going to spend some time this evening at my mothers place where we'll watch the Bulls (the rugby team she supports) take on the Stormers in a Super 14 match. Then it is an early night as we need to leave for the half ironman tomorrow morning at 4am. Team Stemmet will be in full support as my mother, sister and Gerhard, her friend together with Kim and Dejone are all coming along.

Today's workouts

Pre race easy sessions

Swim: 10min, 500m
Bike: 20 min, 8.3 km, 123 bpm ave
Run: 14 min, 2.8 km, 136 bpm ave

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