Friday, March 20, 2009

Winter is coming

When you see the Cosmos flowers next to the road you know that winter is approaching fast. Last week I didn't notice it but suddenly this week it appeared everywhere. Although the cosmos plant is a weed it produce this beautiful flowers in shades of pink and white. I could also feel it's getting really nippy when I went for my run this morning. Luckily IMSA is only two weeks away and then I am taking a short break before the duathlon season starts. During the Duathlon season I take it easy and don't train that much, basically just something to keep me busy.

When I saw the weather forecast, if one can belief them, I decided to swop my run and swim workout today as the were forecasting rain for this afternoon. Don't know if I am just tired or getting old but lately I don't enjoy running in the rain, and I don't want to catch a cold at this stage. The only problem I encountered was that the gym close at 8pm on a Friday, so I could only manage 3 of the 3.5km swim workout, before they wanted to close at the gym.

Tomorrow is a 6 hour brick session, the last long ride before Ironman. I am still deciding if I need to go outside or use the Computrainer because there's more rain expected.

For those interested I've posted the photo of Donald ( Guess who's back post).

Brian(trainingpayne) hope you enjoy the picture. While I am thinking of Brian you need to check out his blog, very interesting. I really enjoy his posts everyday, worth following him. You can check it out at

Today's workouts

Run: 28 minutes, 5.4 km, 5:11min/km, 121 bpm ave, 328 kcal( easy run session)

Swim: 1h10, 3.0km, 117 bpm ave

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