Tuesday, March 10, 2009

#527 for DJ

We received Dejone's race number today for the Ironkids event that will take place the day before Ironman. This will be the second year they have such an event for the kids. The nice thing about it is that there is no winner, if you complete the race you get a Ironkids medal (and it's the same size as the Ironman medal). It is so much fun seeing all these kids giving it a go and enjoying themselves

Last years distance was a 60 meter swim and a 1.2 kilometer run. This year she falls into the 10 to 13 year category and will need to complete a 100 meter swim with a 2 kilometer run. She is quite excited about it.

Got some good news today from the race organisers of the weekends event. The cyclist that got hit by a car is OK and suffers from a few bruises and some of his ligaments are torn but luckily nothing broken. That is a real relief.
Kim is back from her two day out of town workshop and did I miss her. One only realize the amount of time you spend on all these things from getting Dejone ready for school to preparing lunch boxes and dinner when you're a single parent. Would never be able to train the way I am if she was not helping out with all the household things and with Dejone.

When she got home her car wouldn't start and with me working 100 kilometers away I could not come and help. Luckily I phoned the guys at McCarthy VW, where I worked for 17 years and they sorted her out without any delay. Big thank you to Gert, appreciate it.

My mishap from the weekend seems to be something of the past, did my normal training and everything feels the way it should be. Today was my last day of recovery training after the weekend event and from tomorrow its back to the full schedule for the rest of the week. Nice 5.5km swim tomorrow and a 1h30 run, will see how it goes.

Today's workouts

Run: 26 minutes, 5.4 km, 132 bpm ave, 353 kcal, 4:51 min/km

Bike: 43 minutes, 20 km, 134 bpm ave, 595 kcal

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