Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Still can't decide with which shoe I am going to do IMSA. I know this decision should have been made already but both shoes have there pros and cons.

Will it be the Asics Nimbus10 or the Zoot Ultra Ali'i special edition racer(nr. 607 of 1800).

I know one must make an educated decision and not an emotional one but running in a special edition shoe which was named after the famous Ali'i drive in Kona makes it difficult.

All of my Half Ironmans I've run with the Zoot's and the most I've done in one stint was 25km. So I'm not sure how my feet will feel going another 17km. The advantage with them is that I can run without socks, making transition quick and they are so comfortable.

The Nimus have more cushioning and they are my old faithfuls doing the long training miles. The only problem with them is I need to run with socks and in the second part of the marathon I am so drenched with water, from the aid stations and sweating that the socks are so wet and it starts to irritate me.

Guess it is going to be a tough decision, Any suggestions???

One person I follow on twitter(Rich_GoWagen) made we aware of the following running event. It is a Global event but you do a Local race. I think it is really a cool idea and it is the third year that it is happening. It takes places on the weekend of the 10-11th October and what it basically is, is you register on their website( and its free) and on that day everyone run his own race wherever you are but it will be all these registered runners across the world. You can decide if you want to do a 5km, 10km or 21.1km race.

Check it out at www. worldwidefestivalofraces.com and register to do your own race, it is going to be amazing. I've already registered to do a 21.1km on the day

Today was a rest day with no workouts

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  1. Very tough call. I went with socks and my running shoes at IML, but when I put water over my head I bent forward. It's too bad you didn't do any long runs with the zoots. Tough call, sorry I can't help you.