Friday, March 6, 2009

30 days to go

It's 30 days to the big day, Ironman South Africa. It sounds like I am repeating myself every time I talk about this subject but it really feels if it is approaching very fast. From time to time I get that feeling of doubt, where you are not sure if the base training was enough or if you still have enough time left to be 100% prepared. Luckily I'm on the markallenonline program and I trust them 100%, so I just need to stick to their plan and I should be ready for the big day.

My knee feels super today and I had no pain whatsoever. I am having a swim session tomorrow morning followed by an easy bike and run. Will see how the knee reacts and will then decides if I am taking part in Sundays Half Iron. If I feel any discomfort I won't do the full event but decided to do only the swim. It won't give me an accurate picture but my main focus the last few weeks was the swim and would like to see if there's any improvement in the open water.

Today was an easy day with no training, the only problem is one must be so careful not to consume the same amount of calories as you do on heavy training days. It's so easy to gain weight on these easy days.

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  1. Glad your knee is feeling better. Wow 30 days. Almost taper time.