Sunday, March 1, 2009

Please not the knee, again

Late last night as I got up from the sofa my right knee just "locked" and I couldn't straighten it. This is the same knee that's been under the knife twice. Preparing for Ironman South Africa in 2007 my knee also gave me trouble and I could only do the minimum of running for the last two months before that years Ironman. After surgery later in the year my knee's been trouble free ever since. I did put some ice on it and this morning it felt better but i still can straighten it without having this pain on the outside of the knee. When I did my swim this morning it didn't bother me but as soon as I walk for a while it begins to hurt.

For the rest of the day I took it easy and just relaxed by the house without being to active. My long run was suppose to be this afternoon but I decided to skip the workout as I first need to see if my knee will be better tomorrow. If it is not better tomorrow I will go and see the doctor as my Half Iron is this Sunday.

Hope this is just something small and not too serious.

Today's workout

Swim: 1h06, 3.0km, 131bpm ave, 883 kcal.

This weeks Total

Swim: 14.5 km
Bike: 289.7 km
Run: 43.5 km
Gym 1 session
Total: 19h54, 347.8 km, 13738 kcal

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